Insecurity Update

After the veritable FLOOD of comments (well… 12) that my innocent dabbling in an unsecured wireless network generated, I thought I might provide a little update. Having been chastised by someone with the pseudonym of ‘Andrew Bolt’, my conscience was a bit twitchy. I asked my most geeky friend [husband of L] what I should do. He suggested that considering the person in question was such an obvious nuffer, they definitely wouldn’t have changed their default login on their router. So I should try and find out who made their router, find the default login and then gain access to their router, where I would most probably find their email address.

After very quietly changing the default username and password on my own router [groan] I did what had been suggested to me. And then I had a further thought. I wondered how much information I could glean from what I had discovered. So I googled the email address. It turned out that the email address was listed on a kind of community businesses directory, along with the person’s name, business address and phone number. From there it was a short leap to stick the name into the WhitePages and discover the home address. Bizarre. (I did always yearn to be a detective.)

The weird thing was that the wireless network was not in one of the apartments nearby, but further down the street. No wonder the speed wasn’t great 😉 – anyway, I decided that the most anonymous way of alerting the person to the situation was to actually post them a letter, with directions on how to secure their network. I sent a draft of the letter to L, who responded in typical crime aficionado style – warning me to post it from somewhere obscure, while wearing gloves, on the stroke of midnight.

However, I belatedly realised that a large portion of my morning had been wiped out by my investigative zeal and that I had a whole days work to get through. So I have yet to edit my instructional letter according to L’s feedback, but I will. And then I will post it. My first good deed for the year.




The pastatute speaks*


  1. b:p

    Hey! Applause from someone geekier than me!

  2. BTW, have a good article on WiFi security on my blog. You can read it at: here.

  3. b:p

    Hey – that’s cool. It’s actually written quite simply! I was looking for something like this the other day! 🙂

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