Actually, I think the term is ‘unsecured’. I’ve often tried, but have never stumbled on an unsecured wireless network. Until NOW! I’m in at my new office [groan] and there is no LAN or internet access until next week. I started out working in my boss’s office this morning – only one wireless network popped up, and it was secure. Later I moved into my new little cubbyhole, and my laptop kindly enquired as to whether I would like to join a different network. I said yes. Yay me. I can now check my email. And a few other things. I’m assuming it’s coming from the apartments next door… And the port I use for BitTorrent is also open… hmmmm. Now watch me battle with my conscience.


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  1. lol… If they are dumb enough not to secure their wireless then it’s not really stealing. Really, it isn’t. 🙂

  2. b:p

    Ha! That was my eventual conclusion…

  3. It depends… the law on this is evolving rather rapidly. They really should secure their network if they don’t want other people not to use it though.

  4. Adrift – I was kidding. Hence the smiley. 🙂

  5. David

    Question : If you left your bike out the front of your trailer would you be happy if it wasn’t there in the morning? or if you left your yacht on Hampton Beach would you be happy if it wasn’t there in the morning?

  6. Will their wireless not be there in the morning? bp do you have some special wireless card that sucks the life from an AP leaving it a dessicated husk? If so can I borrow it? 🙂 (please note smiley before responding – it’s called humour)

  7. b:p

    There wireless will be there in the morning, and they will have learned a valuable lesson about wireless security…
    Just as M learned a valuable lesson in human behaviour when he left my Tohatsu inside his unsecured trimaran on Hampton Beach. Now everyone… STOP SMILING. This is IMPORTANT.

  8. The fact I know that is an outboard motor suggests that I have been reading your weblog for far too long. *no smiles here*

  9. David

    Yes their wireless will be there in the morning and the people you are stealing from will be none the wiser to your shenanigans until the end of the month when they get their bill or perhaps earlier if their bandwidth gets throttled…..

    I am unsure if they will learn a valuable lesson because if they understood the concept of wireless appropriately they wouldn’t have it unsecured in the first place…..more likely they will be confused and eventually pissed off…..the only valuable lesson they will learn is that technology is more complex than they thought it was and they will be more reticent to invest in technology in the future. Eventually they will have to move forward and because they are so unsure of themselves and their knowledge they will be harassing people like yourself (think of your mum here) to come and set it up….and we know how much fun that is.

    The reality is you are exploiting someone’s lack of understanding…..if you can live with yourself in that knowledge then so be it…..but I would prefer to think of you as a higher being who does not stoop to a level that used to be refered to as “stealing candy from a baby”…..

    The whole “its their fault because they left it unsecured” argument is such a “geek arogant” call and it pisses me off….suddenly all the geeks of the world who have set up their secure little home wireless networks have finally found a way to interact with the outside world….by stealing other peoples unsecured wireless network bandwidth…..aren’t they clever…..

    Maybe you could go advise these people that their network is unsecured and perhaps even assist them in making it secure instead…..

  10. David

    I am the Andrew Bolt of the blogging world!!!!

    My next diatribe will advise why their is no place in this world for the cafe latte set and how they should all be shipped off to Iraq to be cannon fodder…..they will be wearing beige…..

  11. b:p

    Hmmm. Are you sure the aircon is on in your office today? i take your rather elongated point, and maybe I am a bit ‘geek arrogant’ – because I was very excited to discover free wireless. Ha! Are you sure you’re not just crying because you’re stuck at home on dial up?

    i could, I suppose, alert the people in question, but I would be knocking on the doors of at least 30 apartments next door. I think that I will just relax, with my conscience intact, knowing that I could have gone a lot harder if their connection had been quicker but I didn’t bother, because I’ve got screaming speeds now that the office has been set up.

    And I’m fairly sure that geeks interacted with the ‘outside world’ prior to setting up their secure wireless home networks. I would also point out that wireless routers, PCMCIA cards etc. come with information as to how to make your network secure – and you can usually just use a ‘wizard’ to do it.

    Just as people have learned to lock their houses, I’m sure that by the same processes they will also learn to ‘lock’ their wireless networks. Forgive me my burglar joy.

  12. b:p

    And I would have called you Andrew Bolt as well, if I had thought of it.

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