For some reason I prefer to shop at Coles, but on Tuesday 23 January 2006 Safeway (Woolworths in some other states of Australia) will donate the bulk of their takings to the Country Women’s Association for emergency drought relief, with the remainder allocated to sustainable agricultural research projects. So I think I’ll change allegiances for that day, at least.

My only gripe is the godawful crapness of the CWA website. There is nothing on their front page about this fundraising effort. The first link in the main page is to a pdf file, and the rest are links to a word document and other pdf files. ARGH!! Hello? It’s 2007? All the CWA state pages have immediate information to drought relief, except Victoria – where the site design orbits around an animated gif and relies on the hope that you’ll stumble on something current in the left hand menu.

South Australia’s CWA has the information but a URL from 1995 and the Northern Territory? No site, just an email address. So there’s my plug for the shop at Safeway to aid drought assistance on Tuesday 23 January 2006. Sorry that it turned into a cyber-critique, but just because the CWA makes you think about knitting doesn’t mean that simple, informative webdesign is an impossibility. And besides – knitting is still having a renaissance!