After joining me for trailer lunch today (I am working at home this week), M took me over to the boatyard to tour a catamaran that’s just two metres bigger than ours is going to be. I am hoping those two metres will be eye snappingly obvious, as this boat today was almost too big for me to take in. God knows how M can even bear to look at it, because it must make his job seem almost insurmountable. It was a hulking 13.2 metres long – ours, obviously, is a marginally more manageable 11 metres. Inside there are three double beds, two bathrooms, lounge/dining area, kitchen (galley) and chart table.

The kitchen and the lounge were uber-sexy. The whole thing was just a headf!@k. M kept looking at me expectantly and saying, “do you think you could live in one of these? Ours is a little bit smaller you know.” And I kept looking back at him with a look that said “Move from trailer in the middle of horse property into a luxury wind powered float-o-matic with my very own bedroom? Do I have to even think about it?”

I will train the cats to liveaboard and like it. I will find somewhere cosy for the Humber and the Caravan. And I will ESPECIALLY try to come up with a wily crafty ways to help us own it outright – ’cause you can’t cruise and make loan repayments at the same time. Unless you are wily and crafty and clever.

We brandished the camera and took photographs of cool design ideas that we can shamelessly steal for ourselves. It was like having a half glimpse at the future.