Hot stuff

Today has been gaggingly hot. We baked like chips in our trailer oven. We went to the shed to continue our present-building projects, but only lasted an hour before heading to Tooradin and whiling away an hour and a half over a sandwich, a drink and the Sunday paper. it was air-conditioned. Divine. It was, although it hardly seemed possible, even more revolting when we left. Back at the trailer-oven M wetted us both down with a water soaked towel. The two cats were sagged out, slack jawed versions of their former selves. We bathed them in buckets of water in the bath, and they were much happier. Or, Saffron was. Mow was only happier when he stayed still and couldn’t see his tail, which had lost all its fur puff in the water and resembled his greatest fear. A Black Snake. The weather finally broke. There is very little left of the slab of beer that we began on Friday. I got a slab of Haagen at Dan Murphy’s the other day – it was $29!! It lacks some personality, but is better than VB and, in my opinion, Boags Draught.

Thank GOODNESS the change has come – now I hope it rains up where the bushfires are.


A smoky morning


Christmas ate my brian brain.


  1. David

    Haagen!! Whats up with that!!

    You refused to drink it when you lived with us….and now you are claiming it.

    I am speechless…….

  2. b:p

    Oh, that is SO not true. Ask E. I LIKE Haagen – not as much as I like other beers, but a lot more than I like VB/Carlton/Melbourne etc. It’s M who didn’t like it. So I waited until he forgot, and then brought it home, made him drink it, and then told him how cheap it was. It’s all in the marketing ;o)

  3. If for marketing you mean con job… Most cunning. 🙂

  4. M

    mmm… beer. Happy water.

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