I finally had a minor explosion at work last week after visiting my ostepath for shoulder reparations. Although I love the little loft I work in (balcony, light filled, just-me-all-alone) – my bazillion dollar office chair is hoicked up under someone’s old Ikea-style kitchen table. It’s a killer. It is exactly the wrong height for comfort. I tried putting a brick under each leg, but then it was too tall. In a fury I grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed it through the heart… [sorry] actually, I used the screwdriver to get the arms off my chair, as I couldn’t ever get far enough under the table while sitting in it because the arms collide with the table edge. Groan.

I had been loath to make a fuss, as they did take me back after I quit. And originally they had bought me the chair and a document holder. However the document holder has gone to MonDieu (my french replacement), as did my desk and computer, which is totally fair enough. But working on a RAM starved laptop on a craptacular table looking down all the time at my papers was doing bad things – to my shoulder and my temper.

When removing my chair arms didn’t help, I stormed (though not too tempestuously) down to L and shrieked.

“I can’t do it any more! My chair doesn’t fit with the table! My shoulder is driving me MAD. I don’t have a document holder and I’m all squished up over my lappy…” and I stopped, breathing heavily.

“What do you need?” said L, the ever practial, taking care to stand where I couldn’t hurt any part of her person.

“A keyboard and a document holder – I’ll hang out for the new desk when we move in January.”

“That’s fine. Go out and get them. Bring me the reciepts. Get whatever you need.”

It was a little anti-climactic, but very soothing at the same time. And now I type these very words with a kickass apple wireless keyboard. After all this time using laptops, I forgot how nice a biggish clacky keyboard can be. And look! No wires! Haven’t got the document holder yet, but I’m going to get on to it. I’ve balanced the MacBook on the keyboard box and a few other things, and when I get my document holder my head and neck will remain straight.