The Lost Weekend

I lost the weekend to my caravan endeavours. And you can barely tell from the photographs (that are still on my camera) that any progress was made. So take my word for it, it’s getting there. M devoted a day of boat time to it yesterday, and has the sunburn to prove it. He sat on top of the carport and sanded the caravan roof (in a proper suit) and then coated the whole top of the caravan with resin to protect it from the rain. Yah!! I won’t go into more boring detail as I am organising a caravan page as my online outlet.

But! While typing of restoration, I just discovered that my good friend Dylan has got himself a restoration DatModBlog for his Datsun 1600. Really have to pull my finger out and get my caravan one sorted.

Hmm. In other news, I have another food to add to my cat’s galaxy of nutrition. He is very annoying and comes and whimpers at my feet whenever I’m chopping something in the kitchen. The other night I was chopping capsicum, and threw some at him in a fury. He ate it. Why am I not surprised? This is the cat that used to kidnap corn cobs from our neighbours barbeques…

P.S I really hate apostrophes. It’s because I don’t fully understand them, unless they are replacing a word. [Sigh]


Yellow Wiggle to leave? My mother spasms.


Six Feet Stupido


  1. Apostrophes are used for contractions, where you’ve dropped some letters, and in the case of a possessive “s” with the exception of the the possessive pronouns, which have an “s” but no apostrophe. 😉

  2. dylan

    Restoration sounds too much like what old crusty guys do. I’d prefer the term hot rodding or modding or something. I’m definately not trying to make it into a standard datsun!

  3. b:p

    Daniel, about 80% of what you wrote hit my eyeballs and spelled out – g-e-t-a-n-o-t-h-e-r-b-e-e-r. Sorry. I couldn’t even tell you what a pronoun was even if you were threatening to scratch up my car and set the caravan alight. But one day I. Will. Learn.

    Dylan. You sooky-la-la. I made you up a new word. DatModBlog. There.

  4. seepi

    You can think of an apostrophe replacing ‘of’.

    Jane’s house (house of jane)
    the apple’s stem (stem of the apple).

    But if in doubt con’t use one. Otherwise you run the risk of becoming a try hard speller.

    eg Apple’s Two Dollar’s.

  5. b:p

    Oh! That’s actually a great way to think of it. As a replacement for ‘of’ and also a replacement for ‘is’. Thank you!

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