Last night, after a delicious dinner prepared by E in her new Emerald Palace, we went to Ruby’s to see The Audreys. I’ve only ever stuck my head in at Ruby’s once before, and that was during the day, and I didn’t remember much about it. However. It’s a fantastic venue and suited The Audreys down to the ground. We were lucky to get there early and catch their support, Liam Gerner. It took a little while for us to be seduced by him, but after a few songs, E was swooning at his ‘vulnerable vocals’, I was transfixed by his chord progressions, and even M was looking intrigued. We even joined in on the backing vocals of his second last song…. E bought his EP afterwards, which I’m going borrow after she’s had a listen.

And then The Audreys. Smokey, swoony jangles. Their set did seemed to be stacked with all the strongest songs at the start, but they were fabulous. Occasionally all their varied and beautiful instrumentation would all smudge together and things would become a bit overcrowded, but other than that, they couldn’t really be faulted. I was startled to see Ms. Lead Singer Audrey play a bigger version of my little melodica with a tube attached.

The Audreys at Rubys 22-11-06