Can’t blog, am a labourer…

A caravan labourer. I have sanded one side. I am about to sand the other side. The horrors of sanding fibreglass are multiple. The oversized catsuit, the earmuffs, the mask, the sander that was designed by Satan… Anyway, I have all but three windows out, all the cupboard doors and drawers, and most of the electrical fittings. Need to get it fully sanded today so we can try and stuff the whole thing under the carport, because there is apparently going to be rain tonight.


The orange cat


Tuesday nights when I’m away…


  1. Actually, it’s a bunny suit… and they’re all the latest rage…if you work in a clean room or want to avoid the fiberglass hell that comes from sanding fiberglass without one… 😀

  2. b:p

    Bunny suit? Cat suit? Surely both of them should have little ears on the hood? I was thinking ‘catsuit’ just because of the 1970s fashion disaster that was the bell bottomed all-in-one thing. But bunny suit ? I am still pondering.

  3. BILL

    J UST BROUGHT SUNLINER VAN .what have youused for interior roof lining .it has no furniture but the shell and chassis is very good like the look of yours

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