The tide is currently high in the mornings. So we hit the beach before 9am and swam. I have eczema to banish. I decided to steel myself and start immersing myself less like a cat and more like a seal, because who knows how long it will be before I can start swimming in Melbourne? After swimming we went grocery shopping to try and avoid the white bread, processed meat, sugary cereal, crap beer and soft drink that was going to inevitably arrive with the others that were turning up to stay at the house. We got kangaroo! And pesto ingredients. And beer. Coopers.

We headed out to the airport to meet M’s neice and her squeeze. They turned out to have been on the plane with M’s brother-in-law’s sisters and mother. The place was filling up! Luckily they were heading out to J’s house, while M’s neice and squeeze came with us. We had good chats. They were revolted at the idea of kangaroo and went out for fish and chips, while M got gourmet in the kitchen. Embarassingly, we were all in bed before nine!