Arrived in Hervey Bay this afternoon. I forgot how hot it is here! How did I survive two Summers? Oh yeah – with a lot of whinging and lying under the fan. We’re staying at M’s mum’s house, which is yet to be put on the market, and we have it to ourselves until his neice and her boyfriend arrive tomorrow. We plan to go to work on what is left of the scotch in the cupboard – not being much of a drinker, all Faye’s spirits are very old. There are half finished bottles of Ballantine whiskey and Glayva scotch liqueur. But not for long!

M’s sister J picked us up from the airport, and M got squished in a long long hug! Then we got whipped over to the restaurant for lunch, over to M’s mum’s place where we’re staying, through the supermarket and the sewing machine shop, and back to J’s new house about five minutes out of town. We stayed for dinner, and J made an excellent stirfry, out of which I picked bits of chicken and gave them to M.

After some tea and flat panel humongous television, M and I commandeered the 12 seater HiAce bus back to our lodgings. It was nice to kick back with Faye’s scotch and go through old letters and stuff. The house is going to be cleared out this week, and M and I were told to put aside anything we wanted to keep.