Where’d it go?

My fave BitTorrent site of the moment, Fenopy, seems to have dematerialised. I just went there and I’m getting some cheesy looking SoundPedia:Music Community. Maybe that was the plan all along – pull them in to download torrent files and then switch over to what seems to be streaming music and videos. Weird. So I tried to find out where it had gone, and in doing so stumbled over a great post at TorrentFreak – about BitTorrent as an excellent medium for indie bands. So now I’m downloading some Postal Service and a Saddle Creek Records sampler.

What I was actually looking for was the William Orbit track – SeaGreen – because I’ve been listening to DiG Radio’s 1 Hour in 20 Minutes religiously – Hermione Gilchrist gets it all SO right. I heard a minute of SeaGreen on the show and felt the need to hunt it down. The other two shows I’ve listened to ‘Believer’ and ‘Catchy’ (and I think I heard one about excellent video clips as well) have been great. Most of the time I’ve been familiar with some of the music that is covered, and intrigued by lots of new ones as well. The ‘Ambiance’ show featured some stuff I knew about, but much more that I didn’t. I’m tempted to dig out my Harold Budd albums – but, goddamnit, I STILL don’t have a turntable…

UPDATE: TorrentFreak is a mine of information – the Soundpedia thing is explained here. But I still don’t get where Fenopy went, or why the Fenopy url redirects to Soundpedia. Sigh.


Creative? Or just tight?


Lang Lang Op Shop. Watch out!


  1. Nendoke

    Fenopy goes nowhere , That just had a server crash those day , waiting for V3.

  2. b:p

    Ah – thank you so much!

  3. Harold Budd made those cold nights in Geelong seem almost bearable.

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