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Attack of the rug

On Thursday, prior to the arrival of ‘holidaying’ guests (because wind gusts of over 100km an hour and driving rain just really deliver that holiday ‘zing’!) M made two important purchases. The first has been labelled a success. The second has been deemed a disaster. The happy purchase was a dense foam double mattress. If we had owned this on our six week holiday, night time would have been a far more pleasurable occasion. For one thing, I wouldn’t have had to put a folded beach towel under my hip to try and buffer my body from the ‘mattress’ base. (Mattresses, I have recently learned, are not the best item to try and be frugal about.) By the time we’d got to Brunswick Heads in NSW we had to buy a second foam mattress in the hope that putting it on top of the one we already had would improve the situation. It did for the first night, and then we sank through them both. That’s what you get for cut price spongey crap. NOT ANYMORE!! Now, as our trailer visitors snuggle on our visco-elastic deluxe, we recline on a decent buffer of dense foam which will made an excellent addition to our van, tent or caravan.

The disaster? Poor M. He bought a lovely rug that he adored. Full of thick blue wiggly bits, the lady at Dimmeys told him that it would initially shed some furry bits and then calm down. We gave it three days. It’s unbearable. The trailer, our socks, our visitors, our doormat, and eventually our cat, are covered (and have presumably ingested) seemingly endles quantities of blue FUZZ, vis…

The attack of the rug
Headline: Cat attacked by rug menace

Tomorrow we take it back to the shop, with a large fuzzball as proof. We have filled the vacuumn cleaner twice in three days. Poor blue rug, it’s just not compatible with trailer life. It has to go.


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  1. dan

    LOL… true, certain things should not be skimped upon…. you bed is one….

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