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If a tree falls on the garden…

I got to work this morning, went to go in the gate. The gate wouldn’t open. I looked up and actually laughed at the incongruity of the sight. The most ENORMOUS gum tree had come down in last nights storm. It had come out at the roots from the fence line, clear across the garden – some of it fell on the little tiled arch across the gate and crumpled it a bit. Some of the fence was down. Branches from the Liquid Amber tree about 13 metres away got ripped off as the gum fell. It was kind of sad. I had stood underneath it yesterday, frightening off some magpies who were hassling some little parrots. I’m hoping now that there wasn’t a nest.

A very big tree

The telephone, cable connection and electricity were gone, you could see the wires squished underneath the middle of the tree trunk. We boiled a pot of water on the gas stove and made restoratives. (My boss is away, so we all had to cope alone and feel virtuous.) The electricity went on fairly soon, but we had no phone or internet all day, and OH MY GOD – I actually GOT SOME WORK DONE. I really did. A day without internet did wonders for my productivity – like that’s a surprise. Has anyone thought of a program that stops you from connecting to the net for preordained blocks of time? (And could I actually bring myself to use it?)


Do not ask me to fix stuff.


Attack of the rug


  1. I think Ruth would benefit greatly from your Internet restricting tool but I would hesitate to suggest it to her. πŸ™‚

  2. seepi

    I need that program too….

    At work a girl with RSI had a program that froze her screen for 5 minutes every hour, and put up messages like “remember to roll your wrists”.
    the internet blocking one could say:
    “just do one hour’s work, and you can get back to slacking!”

  3. Ren

    Yep! It’s called “Don’t pay the Bill”. Turns itself right off really well when the ISP realises you’ve got no intentions of paying them. Hee.

    And… geebus. That tree fell down the right way.

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