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Stranger in a strange land

Just OSX me and call me baffled. I feel like the world’s biggest newbie on my Macbook. I mean, I can use the net, work in my (very annoying) Word – MSOffice Test Drive, and download Widgets. I have installed Quicksilver but have no idea how to use it, and I continue to wonder where the hell all the modded buttons have gone in the ‘Write Post’ screen of WordPress i.e. I have to type in [a href] instead of point and click. I did use my mouse today, and everything became instantly easier. I love keyboard shortcuts as much as any pseudo-geek, but I like to be able to get around while I learn them. Speaking of keyboard shortcuts, I might have snaffled myself Photoshop for Mac (legal…of course), which was going to be one of my major shortcomings, and also a proper version of MSOffice. My learning curve feels steep.

I’m used to knowing what file extensions stand for, and being fairly computer savvy, but the whole topography (?) of OSX is a foreign land to me. I haven’t really had time to discover what the structure of my ‘C’ drive looks like and where things go on it. I’m using Safari, but missing Firefox, and pondering on whether I should give up Gmail and use Mail. I have not investigated Garageband, IChat, IWeb etc. and wonder if IWeb is even useful. Is it? So basically, I’m quite baffled, but am managing to use my Macbook for work (although being hideously distracted by modifying and downloading things to make the transition easier).

This morning M and I went to OfficeWorks and bought me a fabulous chair:
which was on sale for (marginally) less than $200. That’s at least $300 less than the chair they bought me at work, and it’s just as good, if not better. I didn’t have to lie on the floor at all today and rest my back – heaven!


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  1. Dylan

    Welcome to mac land Beth!

    You don’t really need to think of it as a C drive. All your stuff should be stored in your user directory. Most programs will automatically put your files in the right place. Use Spotlight (the little blue magnifying glass in the top right corner) to find almost anything really really quickly.

    Mac mail is excellent I don’t know why you wouldn’t use it unless you are using a web mail app.

    I used Garageband to record my Dads latest album, it’s really simple but actually has a lot of power hidden away.

    iChat, I think you need a .Mac account, which I recomend getting as there are a lot of cool features that use it. Like iPhotocasting and stuff.

    iWeb I’ve played with and it seems to be ok but not for feature filled websites. Also needs .Mac for cool features.

    There’s lots to discover on your Mac. The apple key will become your best friend; apple-w to close windows, apple Q to quit, apple 1,2,3 in finder for different folder views, apple J on a folder for properties, apple H to hide, apple I for info etc. It actually has a use, not like that stupid windows key.

    Also you have Frontrow now, plug your mac into a TV and you have and instant media center. You can get a USB eyetv for about $250 and you will have HD tv STB functionality. We use Frontrow everyday it totally rccks. Make sure you get some spare batteries for yout remote though.

    I’m no ‘poweruser’ but if you have any questions feel free to shoot them my way.

    Good luck and enjoy your mac, apple go to a lot of effort to try and make using a computer fun πŸ™‚


  2. b:p

    Dyl, you’re the man! Thanks for all that. I got a great little app today called ‘Witch’ that I use for switching windows inside Firefox and Word etc. essential I also found a replacement app for TextPad – it’s called SubEthaEdit. Um – have switched from Safari to Firefox cos I like it better. Hmmm. Really just want to stop using it for work and start investigating! Am thinking about using Entourage for email, as all my home and work emails are getting mixed up in gmail. Kind of forgot that you’re my primary source of Mac info… You’ll be hearing from me, I reckon.

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