Hervey Bay and back again

Just in case anyone is thinking that M and I went to Queensland and didn’t come back – it’s not true! We left last Thursday morning and returned home last night. I think it will describe my current feelings when I say that I got a new Macbook (my mum brought it back from the US) 24 hours ago and have left it in its box until now) because it just didn’t seem that important. It still doesn’t – but at least I have something to type on.

Our time back in Hervey Bay was far better than we could have predicted and also very sad. All of M’s family got together, which his mum would have thought was great – and not only did they all get together, but they all got on very well! I was very glad that I’d booked us to stay from the Thursday through to the Sunday, because that’s what everyone else did as well. We all had dinner together every night, and hung out at Faye’s (M’s mum) place, where some of us were staying.

We were all able to snaffle some photos and things that had special meanings for us. M was asked, along with his oldest sister, to speak at the funeral, and he was absolutely excellent. He painted a great picture of Faye – all her lust for life, her ability to talk to everyone and anyone, and her occasional curmudgeon-ness. He gave everyone there a bit of a giggle.

We all ate and drank a bit too much, and did some reminiscing. I met family members that Faye had told me all about for the first time. It was good to be able to say ‘see you next month’ to everyone – almost everyone is heading back up in late October for M’s nephew’s wedding.

So. We are feeling a bit like wet cats. Sad and sorry for ourselves and somewhat fragile. I am completely baffled by this computer, because I’ve never used a Mac before, but I’m hoping I’ll figure things out as I stumble along.




Stranger in a strange land


  1. If you wish any OS X help then drop me an email. I am most attached to my Powerbook and have been through the same learning curve when I got rid of my PC.

  2. b:p

    Have just figured out how to find the ‘right click’ menu. Am stumbling a bit, but some of that is to do with the fact that I hate these trackpad thingys. I really should have brought a mouse to work today!

  3. The trackpad isn’t great and those one button mice? Hmph. Silly idea.

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