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All day today I was stuck in a malaise. A fog of black dog. A couple of glasses of pinot noir at lunch time gave some marginal help. So did some caravan scraping. I began cooking potato and leek soup for dinner. Which is when M came home and told me that his mum passed away today (‘passed away’ is such an odd term, but easier to type at the moment than the d-word). I am very sad. Very. Very. Sad. She is my very good friend.

She had a very good innings – about 85 years, I think, which doesn’t help anything at the moment. She hadn’t been in very good health, but that was pretty much a constant thing. I thought she’d trundle on forever. I called her this morning and left a message on her answering machine saying I’d try her again tonight. And now I feel useless.

M is being very brave and true. He spoke to his sister up in Hervey Bay a few times today. There may be a funeral on the weekend that we’ll fly up for.

“Don’t worry,” I said, last time I spoke to her, “We’ll be up in September, and we’ll sort it out then. I don’t have to bring anything to wear, all my dresses are in your cupboard.”
“Wear that brown lacy dress,” she said, “I’ve got some gold shoes you can borrow.”


A Yak with a view


Hervey Bay and back again


  1. there isnt much i can say – except my thoughts are with you and M.

  2. Oh Beth, I’m so sorry. You and M and all who loved and will miss M’s mom are in my thoughts.

  3. ian

    sad news & sorry to hear it…my condolences to you M & B. The North Coast stopover is available for you guys if you need some time out…

  4. Thoughts and condolences to you, M and your families.

  5. Sorry to hear of your loss. Sometimes, it is better that they go, so as to not suffer anymore. With Gee, it was that way, and it sounds like this might have been better for M’s mom as well. Death is easy, it is the living that is difficult, and the most difficult is when you are the ones left behind. I know.

  6. b:p

    You are all very lovely – thanks for writing to us. It is a sad and stupid time and cyber condolences are oddly comforting.

  7. My condolences also B & M – very sorry to hear about your loss.

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