Hot and Slow?

Went to my latest cafe for lunch today. The normal. Toasted cheese and tomato sandwich and a drink. The guy there is very chirpy and chatty. After I’d finished, I went up to pay.

“How’s your day been going?” he asked.

“Oh, yunno – kind of slow.”


He gave me my change and wasn’t quick about it, “Hot and slow?”


I think I muttered something about “um, no, just slow…bye!” as I scuttled out the door. Did he really say ‘hot and slow’? How could I have aurally invented something like that? His wife was cooking in the kitchen. I really think I might have heard wrong (and I’m definitely a long way from looking hot atm) – so maybe he said “Got to go?” or “Blot the flow?” or “Lots to know?”

Jeeez. I puzzled over it on the walk back to work for all of, oh, 57 seconds.

(OpShop score today? One Pyrex-esque casserole dish, and two books: Man & Boy and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – some history of film…

UPDATE: Have discussed this with Lee (my workmate) and she admitted to thinking the guy in question is a ‘pantsman’. PANTSMAN ALERT.


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  1. Sandwich bar proprietor and pantsman are two terms that don’t seem to fit togather.

  2. gday

    gday says gday – how are you doin’?

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