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Weather it.

Today was the most divine sunny day that I’ve had since living in the trailer. Sublime. I worked the second time this week on the caravan – I’ve scraped back all of one side and removed most of the cupboard doors. More scraping, sanding and painting looms.

M was busy, taking excess tin to the tip. I helped take tools and boat building ingredients to the shed (which will be finished when we get six extra bits of tin on Thursday). Our last trip was taking Oomoo to the shed, where we are going to rehabilitate him from his trip up and down the coast. There needs to be some grinding, bogging, sanding and repainting (*groan* – it sounds just like the caravan, but it must be done). I notice, from the sidebar, that it’s a two years to the day that we bought my boat from the tip! This is what it used to look like – frightening, I know. Here’s an ‘after’ shot.

So we were hanging around the boatyard just on dusk and the light was fabulous. The tide was high and the creek was a mirror.

Mangroves in Cannons Creek

And if you’ve been wondering what’s become of the trimaran? It’s here!

Trimaran in Cannons Creek


Saturday. No shed work today.


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  1. ian

    yikes! That caravan has ‘challenge’ written all over it! If you get that baby up & going in 2 years I will be amazed…but then again I have seen the fearless DIY monster that is the M & B combo…please prove me wrong & lug it up to our doorstep one day!

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