After some serious buggering around and automotive difficulties, M and I finally managed to get ourselves into the big City on Sunday for a jaunt. The day was cold. We scoffed hot chocolate at Max Brenner (I would have infinitely preferred Sugardough, but it was too far away) and bought a few little things at some homewares shop – an oven thermometer, a splatter trapper etc. After early dinner at Ito, with the relationship still intact, I took M to the cinema on Russell Street for his surprise film. There was a line. We joined it.

As we sat in the cinema and it slowly filled up around us, M started observing our fellow filmgoers.
“Most of the guys have shaved heads.”
“There are hardly any blonde girls.”
“Every one is looking kind of funky and wearing black or dark colours.”
“Are we seeing some kind of share house movie? A movie about a punk band?”

I continued to look enigmatic. The film we were seeing was loudQUIETloud – film about The Pixies. It was supremely excellent. The only thing missing was Kim Deal doing Gigantic, which was a bit of a shame, but it was great seeing all the behind the scenes and roadtrippy stuff. Highly recommended!