I have to go into the city tomorrow to pursue what may or may not be a worthwhile ‘day or two a week onsite and then just one day a week from home’ job opportunity. I also have to go into town for my other work the following day, and the day after that, and then have to go back into the city on Friday. I’ve been staying at my mum’s place for the night in between my two days of work (and that’s a whole other story, with Big Brother overtones), but after a night or two there I get sick of hanging around on my own and have flashbacks to the dire nights I spent away from home when I was living in Queensland. I like sleeping in my own bed.

So I thought I’d look at getting the train into the city and I’m guessing that Baxter is my nearest station (this is my punishment for meeting a boy when I was about 18 and being told he came from Baxter and laughing). I looked it up – and it sounds uberlame. The website lays it out beautifully – there are:

  • No car parking facilities
  • No enclosed waiting areas
  • No public phones
  • No toilets, disabled or otherwise
  • …and bike lockers? On this they are mysteriously blank. I’d be guessing they don’t have them either.

So what they hell do they have? They have WHEELCHAIR ACCESS – which is great. But why would you want to go there in a wheelchair when there’s no phone, no parking and no toilets? Gah. Anyway, then I did the ubiquitous ‘trip planner’ thing – oh, I’m sorry – the Metlink Journey Planner. I am going on a journey. I was pleasantly surprised to find that to get the 8.48am from lovely Baxter Station it would take one hour and 13 minutes to get to Parliament Station. My alternative is to drive to Brighton Beach Station (1hr) and then train it into the city on the Sandy line that doesn’t go around the loop (say, 25min after swapping trains at Flinders Street).

I was fairly horrified to find that a daily Zone 1,2 & 3 ticket costs $12.60 – but I am consoled by the fact that if this train thing works out, I can get a five pack of dailies for $52.20, which saves me $10.80 – and I can order them online AND it’s free postage! So I might give it a go tomorrow morning, although it will mean leaving earlier than strictly necessary so I can scope for a parking space somewhere that seems non-mugger friendly when I get back in the dark.