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3 pages of nothingness

So much for my Monday of this week being dedicated to making this site IE friendly. The last time I checked it, it was! But I must have done some late night, woodheater-drowsy tweaking that F@#Ked it all right up, for the voice report tonight from Small Brother in London was;
“When I go to your page I get three pages of nothingness.”
Needless to say, he’s using IE. (He is somewhat excused as the mega-company that pays him don’t allow any tampering with apps at his end of the food chain. Is that a ‘thin client’?)
And earlier this afternoon, whilst waving a job prospect in my direction, my sister reported;
“I went to [miaow] and there was no content!”
Needless to say, she’s using IE. (Have I mentioned that sometimes I think I may have been adopted?)

So I have poked and prodded, and I think it was was the fact that I had lengthened the space for the post headlines in my CSS file. So I shortened them, but this means my headlines have to stay short, or they will look vile. One day. One day I will be a tweaky guru who knows how to do all of this stuff.


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  1. they simply need to get better browsers ;p

  2. dan

    A thin client is a computer that is running all the applications via a terminal server session off of a remote server. He doesn’t actually have any software on his machine other than the client software most likely….and the terminal server is very much locked down…so he can’t even install an intelligent CSS-aware browser.

  3. dan

    BTW, offer is still open if you want help in troubleshooting your CSS.

  4. I was being facetious dan 🙂

  5. b:p

    I’m going to be following you up on the CSS offer Dan – you have been warned. There are about three things on this page that I can’t figure out how to fix!

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