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Holey and windy and blah

The weather today is probably my least favourite flavour. It’s howling with wind, but there is no rain to justify all the angst, it’s just blowing a gale. It’s not even that cold. Over at the ShedSpot at about 8am this morning, it was quite sheltered. M and I continued from yesterday, measuring and spading out 600x600mm squares that are right now being attacked by a post hole digger. Poor M. He’d already dug all these huge holes for the shed supports about two weeks ago, using nothing but a spade, a shovel, a maddock and his own grunt – but on Wednesday the site was levelled out with a whole lot of dirt, and all his holes got filled back up. Soul destroying. What’s more, the new dirt is almost all clay, and fairly undiggable – thus, the post hole digger has been hired.
Where the shed will be

I just checked the Bureau site and there is a strong wind warning for this area. I really have to start work scraping all the paint off the Sunliner, but it conflicts with my scenario of being outside with my radio, esky and armed with a scraper in the warming winter sunlight.

So here I go, experimenting with YouTube (I’ve been having lots of fun watching old Cocteau Twins video clips…)

(…if you have eyesight trouble, just click on the tiny arrow in the bottom left hand corner – I had to make it small to fit my new page design. Sigh.)


And before breakfast I…


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  1. dan

    Just curiousβ€”Why so narrow on your new page design?? Also, did you still have CSS issues? Maybe I can help, let me know. πŸ˜€

  2. b:p

    Um – the template I used was that skinny – I do like the skinniness, but could cope with it being a bit wider. I am hopeless at CSS and if you look at this page in IE6, you’ll see that it looks more than totally crap! If you could give me any hint as to why this column only had content in it when you scroll halfway down the page I would be very grateful!

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