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More kitten pictures. Yes, I’m pimping for them.

All four kittens hoping for more food

We’re hoping that in two more weeks the kittens will be ready to adopt. The twins are less tame than the other two, so I’m going to try and win them over to the dark side over the coming week or so, before we move into the trailer. Then they will have to be taken to get their injections. We don’t know yet which are male, and which are female – I’m punting on the furry one being female, because it’s so polite.

Playing with my shoe
Climbing toward food

If you know anyone in the Melbourne or South Gippsland area who would like a kitten, and who is a cat lover, send them here to have a look. There are more pictures over on Flickr. They were born wild, so are bit more timid than your average kitten, but all of them respond to attention, and, of course, food. More updates to come.


It’s all about counting to TEN


The lease is signed…eeek!


  1. Are they indoors or outdoors cats so far?

  2. b:p

    They are both. They hang out around the wood heater, and also sleep inside in a box at night. They spend most of the day outside. They squeak. They are almost too cute to live.

  3. Ren

    Oh my god. Tempted. Soooo tempted. They would be indoor cats with me. Now.. would my other two mind? (Hell yes, but do we care? No.) I will ask the other half when he gets home this weekend.

  4. Sooo tempted also. Missing my cats in Sydney a huge amount. But worred about a) small apartment and b) at some point one or more cats is going to have to come live with me in Melbourne from Sydney. No sure how many pets I can cope with. 🙁

  5. b:p

    🙁 Why is it that all the ‘sooo tempted’ people (like myself) already have a cat or two? [sob] My dad is away for the next week, so nothing can happen in his absence, so there is time to muse and decide which corner would be best for a curled up small furry creature ;-P

  6. Ren

    It’s terrible. I even told my mum about this – she’s a keen cat person as well but she already as one that has arthritis, another very active (and jealous) one and a new baby grandson to look after who loves to try to eat said cats now that he can move about on his own. I’ll definitely ask the manbeast about getting another one though. A kitten would be just the thing to cheer me up. I’d take the ugliest one of the bunch too.

  7. Look – at the end of the day if there are no takers – I will take one at least – no matter what. Won’t let anything happen to kitty-cats.

  8. I, also, am tempted, but unsure how my 3-y-o and 1-y-o daughters and two middle-aged Jack Russell terriers will react. Let me check with t’other half and get back to you.

  9. b:p

    Oooh – it looks like we’re making progress! I have my two (much) older cats here and the kittens are fearless with them (and have been subsequently batted a few times). I have had some interest from through work – a lady may be interested in the twinsn – so I am going to try very hard this coming week to get them to accept patting! I’ve had the little tabby and grey one sitting on my knee in front of the fire today and yesterday, which is a BIG step in the ‘making a normal cat’ direction!
    Keep hassling your other halves!
    (…and Kartar – I’ve got that in writing!)

  10. David

    e. has put in a request I believe

    Sonic has actually been lonely since Maw and Saffron moved.

    Kitten will either be loved or eaten by Sonic but we are willing to attempt the social experiment.

    Now if we can just contain “the Stench”…….

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