Another day of shed dismantling. This one a little more fraught than the last. The triangular roof trusses were the only things left standing and it took us a lot of time working out how to actually get them to the ground without placing ourselves in positions that were prime for squashing. The main problem being that we didn’t know how heavy they were, so we had to operate as if they were too heavy for us to support. Which, in the end, they were. Will post photos of how we achieved complete dismantling of shed, but am too tired to fire up laptop, camera and Photoshop now (am on dad’s computer) – have to be up at 6am and in Frankston to pick up a hired truck to drive to Point Cook, where we will then load (hopefully) all the shed components on to it, hitch the boat trailer to it (on which we have already loaded the roof trusses) and drive it all to Cannons Creek. God.

Update: – you can read about the angst if you click on the picture.

Tethering the frame
The first one's down!
Where it used to be