So there is one place right near the area where we will be building the MoFo catamaran that is for rent. It has been for rent for over a month, and I have kind of been ignoring because the ad reads:

Small two bedroom unit situated on farm away from main residence. Small living area and kitchen. Very private. Rental includes power and water.

M had to go past there yesterday with my dad, so I called the agent and arranged for him to have a look at it. WHY didn’t I get him to take the camera with him – or at least give him a checklist? The location is great – the farm is not a working farm, but has cows, horses and one ostrich. There is a carport for the Humber and not a bad sized garden shed. The house, however… I knew when I read the word ‘unit’ that what it meant was ‘a relocatable cabinny kind of thing that the owners have plonked on their property to make a bit of pocket money’. Yep. I was right. It’s a relocatable.

B: So what’s it like? Really hideous?

M: Well, it’s very small. It’s kind of bachelor quarters. I mean, I’d live there if you weren’t on the scene, but…

B: Is the garden nice? Could we have a vegie garden?

M: Are you kidding? He said we could ride the horses whenever we want, and offered us the ostrich!

B: Right. So, the second bedroom. Could I set up my recording stuff in there?

M: Yeah. No problem.

B: So my big desk will fit in there?

M: Ummmm. There’s a really excellent wood heater!

B: Are there wardrobes?

M: Um. I don’t think so.

B: How big is the bathroom?

M: Oh, the bathroom’s a good size I reckon. There was a little bit of rot at the bottom of the vanity that I noticed.

B: Is there a bath?

M: Is there a bath? Hmmmm. I’m not sure.

B: How can you not know if there was a bath or not? Is there a laundry?

M: Ummmmm….

B: I think I’ll just go and check it out on Thursday.

M: Your dad reckons that you’ll turn into trailer trash if you live there, so you better just check it out yourself.