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Travels With My Nana

I’m off in a few minutes to stay in Daylesford for two nights. M and I are kidnapping my Nana and taking her away (despite the fact that she only got driven down from NSW yesterday) to noodle around Daylesford. I’m sure there will be lots of coffee and book browsing going on. We were going to take my small boat with us, but it had to be removed from the backyard to Loch as The Owners Were Returning To Check Out The House. Spasm. But there are boats to rent on the lake, so that’s an option. I have managed, generally through sleeplessness, to complete a weeks worth of work, so I can disappear on a Wednesday – I only just found out that Monday is a public holiday, so I have about a bazillion days off! Or, at least six days. Near enough.


Vintage Fashion Astrology…


Another Teasmade!

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  1. Give me a bell if you and M fancy beer somewhere Fitzroy-like when you return. I have found new small bar of sufficient hipness to allow me to drink there but not too hip to have the bar staff ignore me when I order drinks. 🙂

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