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Valentine-y Hole in the Pocket

So M and I don’t really do the Valentine Thing. I got home from work this afternoon, frazzled beyond all bearing, only to have him cheep at me incessantly like a small bird until I snapped. Squashed him. And he told me to go and have a nice lie down, which I did. When I saw him again, half an hour later, he admitted to having got me a Valentines Day present. I could scarcely believe it – luckily.
“It’s pretty lame,” he said, as I followed him down the hall.
“Nooooo,” I said politely.
“Well, you might think so.”
“So you got me a present that you already know I’ll think is lame?”
“Um… Well. Only you’ll be able to use it. I’ll never use it. It’s not like when Homer bought Marge the bowling ball because he wanted to become a bowling champion… Not really.”
“Right. So?”
“So here it is,” he said gleefully, ripping off the plastic, as he’d obviously been dying to do.
The present was made of a cream coloured mesh. It was a pocket.
“It’s a pocket,” I said, stating the bleeding obvious. “A pocket for putting on a boat to stash sunglasses and bikini tops.”
“Yes,” agreed M, nodding solemnly, “But it’s your pocket. You have mentioned a lot that you’d like an extra pocket on the trimaran. You know, to put stuff in.”
“Huh,” I said, wondering whether to kill him, or play it out slowly. I decided on the latter. “Seeing as it’s my pocket, and my present, to do whatever I want with, I’m going to put it on my own little boat.”
His face dropped to the ground.
“You got it for me. It’s my present. And it’s going on my boat.”
His face scrunched. “Nooooooo. It’s supposed to go on Boat. On the trimaran. It won’t fit on your little boat.”
“Nevertheless,” I said grandly, flourishing my Valentine’s pocket, “That is where it will go.”


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  1. Rae

    🙂 I can hear the cheeky grin in your voice as I read that last line (even if I’ve never heard your voice before in my life!)

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