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Will Somebody Please Love Humphrey?

I haven’t been blogging very much, as I’m finding that this relatively new job of mine is just sucking away my life force will to write. I spend seven hours four days a week writing reports and I am a husk of my former writing self… but enough about me. Say hello to Humphrey!

Adopt Humphrey

I met Humphrey over at the house of the lovely lady who is fostering him until somebody adopts him properly. He is a playful cat. He’s not exactly trusting of everyone until you’ve met him and patted him for a while. If I didn’t have two cats already… I tried to get my sister to adopt him over the weekend, but she kept going on about another cat called ‘LeRoy’ who has stolen her heart (but obviously hasn’t kept it, as she hasn’t gone and got him). You can read about how Humphrey is going with his foster family here.

Last week he was !Feature Cat! on the Save-A-Dog Scheme site, despite the fact that he is, obviously, not a dog. Go and check out the site if you have a furry cat or dog shaped place that is empty in your home…


First day of school – ever!


Optus is Crap. Scrapbook is Good.


  1. I swear, I would get him if I didn’t already have two cats and a teeny shoebox house.

  2. No cats in new apartment sadly otherwise Humphrey would be my new best friend.

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