Not Dead, Just Procrastinating

I am not missing, presumed drowned, later to be spotted on the streets of Rio with a new nose. I have been back for a week, but the shock of returning to work two days after we got back from The Oddessey was too much for my psyche to handle, and it melted. I rendered unable to type. I now continue to melt – as it’s a lovely 41 degrees (that’s 105.8 Fahrenheit, btw). Horrible. M is at the kitchen table concentrating on Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything and I am trying to see if shallow breathing and ice water will help my melt.

I am trying to stay away from realestate.com.au and am being fairly successful. We have been given a date to get out of this house we’re in – we must remove ourselves by the first weekend in March. Gulp.


Sailing Holiday – Day 12 – by M


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  1. Sounds like a great trip. I have overcome the realestate.com.au experience and then dealt with the evil agents and now I am sitting in my partially furnished apartment slowly unloading boxes. It’s even less fun than it sounds.

  2. b:p

    Oh god. I’ve done all that…SIX months ago. And in ONE month I have to do it all AGAIN. Luckily we have no fridge, lounge suite, washing machine, wardrobes…

  3. Yeah I am hoping to have at least 12 months before the next move. God I hope so anyways.

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