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So, The Girls From the Clouds were fabutabulariffic. They played a lot of old Clouds numbers – including Foxes Wedding, 4pm, Aquamarine, Hieronymous… the works. The mix was great – everything sounded clear and beautiful. Trish’s bass playing was astoundingly, depressingly good. I loved a few of the new songs. I mean, I liked them all but two stood out for me ‘House of the Sun’ and ‘Beyond the Clouds’. I wish I’d been snappy enough to pinch their setlist after their encore, but someone got to it before me. I love them as a three piece. Jodi is a guitar goddess. Go and see them if you can – their cd (which I have been listening to today) is available through Candle. Check out Scott’s Clouds site – Silver Linings (proudly hosted on [miaow]!)

Kartar – if you’re in Sydney on December 16, get yourself to the Annandale!

Prior to the gig we had dinner at Wesley Anne. The food sucked. The spaghetti marinara was dry and full of capers. Capers? The calamari salad was overpriced and boring. Go there for the drinks, the warm olives, the atmosphere and the music. Eat somewhere else. There was a wedding reception going on in the room where the stage is. M and I oohed and aahed at the bride in her ivory silk slinky number. Then Glenn, an old friend from uni, came and said hello – and I realised I knew the bride in a vague and convoluted way. Glenn blogs over at The Nightwatchman. We’ll probably see him again at Meredith, next weekend. He gave us the heads up on Okkervil River, who had blown his mind at the Ding Dong Lounge the other night. I’m keen!


The Girls From The Clouds


It’s Up! – A Christmas Tree Meme


  1. I will keep an eye out for the white Hi-Ace van at Meredith on the weekend. I will be in a small green dome tent. You can’t miss me. 🙂

  2. b:p

    Ah. The small green dome tent. I’m sure it will be the only one there 😉

  3. Ahh, the girls from the Clouds! Am so jealous! Didn’t even know they had a gig until after the fact. Grr.

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