Things have been quiet on [miaow] for the last few days as I have been having a getaway! I am actually still on it, typing from the visitor’s centre in Queenscliff for the obscene amount of three dollars per half hour. Profiteers. My boss offered me the use of his holiday house as well as a week off, both of which I jumped at. M originally said he wasn’t going to come as he was focussing on the boat, but changed his mind at the last minute.

Luckily – as my Small Brother’s red car, that I was going to soiree down the coast in, decided to go weird at the last minute and become unstartable – even with a screwdriver across the two bits on the solenoid. (I sound knowledgable, don’t I? Actually I was too much of a woosy girl to do it, I made M try and there were sparks. From the solenoid, not M.)

So we came down in the van, with Oomoo behind us. We brought along our bikes and yesterday we did a 10km round bike ride from Queenscliff to Point Lonsdale and back. A lovely ride! The house we are staying in is ab-so-lut-ely gorgeous. It’s an original – and has recently had a bomb spent on renovating it, in a very tasteful way. We look out to Swan Bay (which apparently has an island in it on which they train spies) – and speaking of training, we also see these very beautiful trains going by now and again. M and I have just being doing some serious lounging. Tonight is our last night, and tomorrow morning we’re going to get the ferry from here to Sorrento and drive home that way.

I am mooning around about the prettiness of Queenscliff, just like I did about Rhyll. As we have to get out of the house we’re living in Hampton sometime in December, I’m starting to get itchy feet about where we are going to live. M is practicing being unconcerned and unperturbed. I am practicing trying to not appear agitated. I’m also musing on the idea that as I only work three days a week, we could actually live somewhere picturesque, near the beach, with cheap rent and a big backyard to build a Very Large Catamaran in. Obviously being far from the city is not ideal, but I’m starting to think that living 90 minutes out of town would be better than being out in the suburbs somewhere. We would still be FAR closer to all our friends than we were in Hervey Bay….