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I like their old stuff…

Have lots to blog, and no time to blog it [sigh]. Congratulations to Rae & TonyAlbert has arrived!! I’m guessing there is lots of exhaustion and relief going on over their side of town!

Last night I went and saw Eddi Reader play at the Cornish Arms. I saw her last time she was out – about three years ago, same venue. If you’re not familiar with her, she had a hit in the late 80’s with a terrible song called Perfect – as in: it’s got to be ee ee ee ee ee ee, perfect. I know. A bad song. At that time she was in a band called Fairground Attraction, and when I began sharing a house with Christine in Geelong, she put me on to their albums, and I loved them. Perfect in no way represents any of her other stuff – she’s really more of a Scottish torch singer. So it was Chris’s birthday last Friday and I got her a ticket to the show last night (which was lucky, as it was sold out by the time I got there). Four of her other friends decided to come along as well, and this is where the weird bit happened. I’m not really sure why they all came? They certainly didn’t come to see Eddi Reader, as they spent the whole show in the most visually inaccessible spot in the whole place. And while everyone in the rest of the pub was being spellbound by what was happening on stage, they were chattering up the back, one of them wandered to somewhere nearby to play the pokies. I kind of felt like I’d dragged them all there – which I hadn’t. I also felt bad because I just couldn’t stay around them – about a third of the way through the gig I just had to move to where I could actually see the stage.

So I suppose that they’d come along to hang with Chris for a night out, which was a shame, because with what the tickets cost, they could have had a much fancier night out elsewhere. Chris did enjoy it, sort of. She did say, which made me momentarily grit my teeth, ‘I wish she’d played more of her old stuff’. Ack. If bands only ever played their old stuff…well…DER. Unfamiliar songs aren’t BAD songs, they’re NEW songs. Of course they’re not as comfortable to listen to, and you don’t get the buzz of recognition, but new songs are exciting. They’re intriguing. Gah. I’m ranting. I’m just touchy on the subject. Playing new songs to an audience who just wants to hear their old favourites is always a leap of faith…


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  1. seepi

    How annoying.
    I’ve just aksed people if they want to go to the theatre, and now i wish I hadn’t. Some interest, some umming and ahhing. Which means I cna’t buy my tix until they decide. Meanwhile the good seats are disappearing.

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