Attention: Dentists!

Here’s my suggestion. Above the dentist chair there should be a sign fixed to the ceiling. On it are various commands, each with a little light next to it. For example: ‘Open Wide’, ‘Rinse Please’, ‘Relax a Little’ and ‘Brace Yourself for Pain, Starting…NOW!’. So whatever the dentist wants you to do, or wants to prepare you for, they communicate via a little pressure pad that makes one (or more) of the appropriate lights blink. Meanwhile, you’re laying back on the chair, with huge, big-muffy seventies-style headphones on, cranked to 11, listening to your tunes of choice. Of course, I am way ahead of my time, and thus have to sit here typing this feeling sad and sorry for myself, trying to blunt the afternoon’s quotient of trauma with Chivas Regal.


On Easey Street




  1. seepi

    I just want a tv to watch. How long can you be expected to stare at a wilderness poster for?

  2. Um *blushes* my dentist is very cute – I usually find something to admire. I figure some checking out is adequate payment for appalling pain.

  3. b:p

    Ha! Wilderness poster versus cute dentist.
    Um – if you’re wearing those dark glasses that they give you and the dentist is about 15cm away from your face, and her upper body is almost pressed against your upper body… Oh. Right. That’s how you find something to admire ;o)

    I still go with my headphones idea…

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