Wherefore art thou, protein? I languish. Actually, I more than languish. I feel like I have been run over by a large Mack truck, which has then reversed back over me and repeated the process. That’s right. I went to gym this morning. It’s fine when I get home. It’s fine as I walk to the station. It’s not too bad on the train. But by the time I get to Flinders Street and get on a tram – it’s truck-time. I become over-cooked spaghetti. This is due, say the people here at work, to a lack of protein. ‘Have some protein,’ they instruct me, as I flail about the office, leaden of leg and shaky of arm.

My dietary knowlegde is limited, (I can think of one proteiny thing – fish – not so good at 7am) so obviously, I googled. And now on my list are almonds, pistachios, peanut butter (…there’s a theme emerging here). Wheatgerm is up there, oatbran, and so, perplexingly, were rolled oats. Perplexingly, because I ate a huge bowl of porridge this morning, which seemed to have no influence on my limp-dishrag self. Odd.

UPDATE: Apparently the list that I was looking at is not a good one. I need a sports recovery one. Like this. So it seems I am doing the right thing, but should carry emergency reserves of nuts. Kind of like a squirl.


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  1. Rae

    Peanut butter is great – you can keep it in a desk drawer at work, along with a zip lock bag of crack biscuits and there is a great snack. Yum!

  2. Rae

    Perhaps crackER biscuits would be better! 🙂

  3. b:p

    I think the crack biscuits would be far more effective…

  4. Rae

    Heh! Every little bit helps…

  5. Eggs! Craploads of ’em

  6. Nuts. Vegans swear by those nuts for protein. Because you know how healthy most vegans look…. 🙂

  7. ian

    I hear a sardine smoothie is a wonderful morning tonic for the body…

  8. b:p

    Eggs. OK. I can actually cook them.

    Nuts? I will go with almonds.

    Sardine smoothy? When I see you drink one first.

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