My boss just called. From the USA. He tells me what’s been going on, who he’s seen and what he’s done. We talk about my reviled powerpoint presentation.
“I think it went well,” I lie.
“Good. I’m very glad you went and represented us. What was everyone else like?”
“Umm, kind of boring. All about budgets and stuff.” I fail to point out that I left in the halftime break and never returned.
“Great. Well, we’ll go over it when I get back.”
I sigh. “That would be great.”
“OK, well, I don’t really have time to speak to anyone else, but say hello for me, and I’ll see them on Monday.”
I look around the room. I’m the only one in it. I’ve been the only one in it all day, and assume that I will continue on in isolation until 5pm.
“No worries, I’ve waved at them for you,” I say, waving at empty chairs.
“Thanks. OK. See you Monday.”
“Have a safe flight.”