Crossing the second state line…

Am typing from a ubiquitous McDonalds the other side of Albury somewhere. We have been inside the boundaries of Victoria for about 50 minutes, and the sun has come out, although there are grey clouds looming over the hills. I am desperate to write up our journey, if only for my own purposes of remembering everywhere we have stayed, the exciting things we’ve eaten, how we nearly got lost in a flood and the spelling mistakes on signs that have rendered us helpless. Helpless.

But that will all have to wait. We stayed last night in serious style in Adelong – a place that we have been once before (when we camped directly in front of the ‘No Camping’ sign and spent the morning swimming naked in the river) – this time it was waaaay too cold for camping, and we thought we would do the last night of our trip in a proper bed and breakfast – it was seriously classy. We should be drawing up to our new home in Melbourne in about four or five hours time. Our little Hi-Ace van (since it was repaired in Brisbane) has performed peerlessly. Yes, we are the slowest car on every freeway, highway and motorway that we have traversed, but it is a steady, reliable slowness. Vanee (as it shall henceforth be known) is packed to the gills and is also pulling a well packed Oomoo – M and I are also far more portly that we were at the beginning of the journey (or, that’s what it feels like) after indulging ourselves each night at dinner to the point that we rarely eat another thing until lunchtime the following day. Just for my own memory, we have stayed…

  • Brisbane – 2 nights (car troubles)
  • Rosebank – 2 nights (flooded in)
  • Yamba – 1 night
  • Nambucca Heads
  • Anna Bay
  • Mt Kurun Gai (this is not how you spell it, but whatever)
  • Adelong

Now we are jumping back on to the tarmac for the close of our journey, plumper, damper and with a deeper knowledge of trailer auto-electrics.


The Big Sell


Small Brother Intact

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  1. You should have called – we’d have put you up in Sydney for a night and ensured your continued journey was in a hungover state. 🙂

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