If you are in a lawsuit, you may get a chance to settle your case at this full moon June 22. Full moons bring closure.

Perhaps you will sign a contract, see a book published, or end a chapter of your life and be ready to start a new one.

This month’s full moon is at zero degrees of a cardinal sign, which means it will be capable of bringing extraordinary energy and news. Always give a full moon a plus or minus four days – most full moons assert their news on the day they appear or in the days after they appear.

The July full moon (July 21) will also be at what is called a critical degree at nearly 29 degrees, considered the degree of completion or ending. One part of your life will end and another will begin.

By June’s end, you will have four planets filling your communication sector, so it certainly looks as if you are about to sign a contract or travel.

(…these predictions appear to be more accurate than my communications with M, so maybe I should just move in with Susan Miller of AstrolgyZone. Humph.)