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Yesterday I took M’s mother to get an x-ray. Things went from bad (she hasn’t been able to lie down in her bed for ten days and has been catnapping in her chair, because her back is so bad) to much, much worse. The radiographer at the x-ray place made her lie down, and then barely helped her to manoeuvre herself, and then did the x-ray while she was standing, so there was no need to put her through the whole ordeal at all. Poor, poor thing. She was an absolute mess, crying, shaking and declaring she would rather have three children at once than ever go through the pain again – and she would know – she’s had six.

I took her to her GP, in the hope that he could either give her something stronger to take for the pain, or admit her to hospital, where at least they could knock her out and monitor her progress. An hour at the GP another two and a half hours in casualty and she was finally admitted. The day had begun at her 1pm appointment, and didn’t finish until they had got her into bed at about 8pm. Remind me to start taking calcium supplements and doing weights at the gym so my spine doesn’t crumble when I am 83 years old. Yike.


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  1. I think the concept of good ‘bedside manner’ has been lost from medicine – too many patients, not enough money and training that deals less and less with patient emotional care. I even find a lot of nurses couldn’t give a fuck about their patients – an area where previously if a doctor let you down you had a good chance a excellent nursing staff to save the day. I think the last of the caring staff are allied health – physios, OTs, speech therapists, social workers. So I second the calcium tablets and also will keep my fingers crossed that any hospital visits will be infrequent and brief.

  2. Rae

    Oh the poor dear. I hope she’s doing better now. You’re a good daughter in law to be with her for that time. I’m sure she appreciates it.

  3. b:p

    She is doing a bit better – and her nurses are pretty amazing. Glad that physios are on that list – because I think that who she is going to be seeing a bit of when they let her out of hospital. Apparently the doctors were priming her to go home today (or that’s how I interperet it) – suggesting that she doesn’t drive and asking if she had anyone to get her groceries for her. She isn’t fit to go home, but, as always, they’ll kick her out of hospital until she gets bad enough to go back in. Argh!

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