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Burn, HSBC, Burn

I still hate banks. His Satanic Bastard Conglomerate (otherwise known as HSBC) have raised my blood pressure again. It seems to be a bi-annual occurrence. I logged into my bank account and it refused to let me pay the electricity bill. I tried twice. Then I tried via phone banking. Still no joy. So I tried a human. The human told me that as one of my account statements had been returned through the post, and thus, HSBC had taken it upon themselves to put a block on my account. Hello? This reaction seems a little over-sensitive from a bank whose internal mechanisms move so slowly that it is easier to transfer money to my credit union account by driving to the post office, making an over the counter withdrawral, and then handing the money back to be deposited into my other account. Bastards.

Then I got a bad feeling and called Australia Post, another nemesis. Sure enough, my redirection expired four days ago. They didn’t send me a renewal notice, so I had no idea. So now I am dashing down to the post office to fill out another redirection notice and try to make them put a hold on my mail that is currently going to our old house in Seddon. Later this afternoon I am going to reject society and move to a deserted island where the only communication will be made via smoke signals.




Royle By Association


  1. Yeah the good old Hong Kong Shanghai Trading Company has a long and nasty history of fucking its customers. You are just one in a long stream. Be grateful they didn’t send people around to break your legs and burn your house down.

  2. b:p

    I’m keeping a close eye on my kneecaps…all this for the free & unlimited eftpos facility. Truly, I think it’s probably not worth the angst.

  3. gavi

    I despise HSBC more than most too. They couldn’t give a monkeys about their customers, they held me liable for an unauthorised transaction. I refused to pay, they said there was nothing that could be done, not even put the huge amount over an installment plan or give me a loan or an extension on my credit limit, i was a huge customer of theirs, had everything that they had to offer. Now they lose my custom, haha. It’ll cost them more than what the unauthorised transaction. All they do like all chinese companies is stick behing a wall called it’s policy. Well balls to your policies! sick of hearing the same all line!!

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