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Definitely gone…

Miaow is going to be a bit short on pictures until we get this house sold. As I mentioned a few days ago – my camera has disappeared, and I think by now it is definitely gone. I have checked D & E’s car, D & R have checked their study, my sister has checked the boat, and I have rummaged through my bags. Sigh. If someone finds it, they will have fun looking at before and after shots of Boat, as well as some others I can’t remember. They will also enjoy my little 64MB SD card which I also used in my palm pilot, and has quite a few good tunes on it. It is only now that it’s gone that I realise how often I used my camera 🙁 it is very sad. I do have a back up – but it’s a camera that uses proper film; so it’s much less immediate and I have to scan the pictures in. How quaint!


Killer or Coder?


Ice blocks are falling on my head…


  1. Rae

    Oh that’s such a bummer! And you put such groovy pics up too. Well, of course I’m concerned that you have lost your camera first, and only about the pics secondly….

  2. That’s terrible, Beth! Especially when the photos contained on it are probably what you will miss the most as well.

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