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On Modern Cars

For the 24 hours between Sunday and Monday nights I held a sincere belief that the car I drove all weekend was so forward-thinking that it turned on its own headlights when it sensed that day had turned to night. I loved it. It felt like I was driving a machine that had been injected with some kind of artificial intelligence. I was transported (truly). When I picked up D & E at the airport and congratulated them on their wondrous vehicle, E looked wide-eyed, as if to say “I didn’t know it could do that. How clever!” While D just lent over and began to laugh hysterically…and my belief began to wane…


Waify Bear


U.S Passport Photos


  1. But there is still nothing like a Humber… 😛

  2. b:p

    …and nothing like a toggle switch – and I reject intermittent wipers. It’s all documented in a song…

  3. heh – which song?

  4. joão

    raises hand, Bother by Bidston Moss from the “If You’re So Special, Why Aren’t You Dead (EP2) which brings us to ‘Robert Kearns, inventor of intermittent wipers, dies at 77’ (http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/2005-02-25-obit-kearns_x.htm?POE=TECISVA)

  5. Oh. My. Goodness
    I can’t believe someone else knows which song.
    Geez – can’t believe the intermittent wipers guy died. Maybe we should do a clip for ‘Bother’. It was supposed to happen last week. D’oh. Would have been very timely.

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