So the bastards that made an offer got cold feet. They flew to Hervey Bay and said they were ‘too tired’ to inspect the house at the appointed time, they would instead come at 9am Sunday morning. Nobs. Poor M had his weekend totally wiped, and all his hopes dashed – after working his butt off getting everything looking like Ripponlea.

What they really meant by ‘too tired’ was – ‘we’re going to run around town and see what all the other real estate agents have to say about the house and the area’. Now there are only a few agents that have houses in our area – and they obviously didn’t go to them – because everyone they went to said “Oh-my-god-you-can’t-even-think-of-buying-there!” And went on long dolorous rants about sandflies and that ten minutes from a shop is ten minutes too far. Yada yada yada.

They completely wasted our time – trashed M’s weekend, and our real estate agent’s- didn’t return calls and are basically scum. Not to mention the harried hours I spent being couriered at high speed into the city, signing, faxing and stressing. At this point, I want to rent forever…
[sorry M – it’s just a phase]