Get rid of her

Apparently I am unhappy up here and would be far better off moving back to Melbourne leaving M to hold the fort, sail my boat, tool around the garden on the ride-on mower, and show people through the house. I hate what I have written here being used against me in arguments; last night my list of ‘what I’m going to do when I get to Melbourne‘ was used to try and prove a point. I could just kick something. I have an urge to delete this domain and begin again elsewhere, anonymously.


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Given up on the DIY


  1. There are pros and cons to living in every place on Earth – and why shouldn’t you look forward to something different? But that being said, you shouldn’t have what you wrote used against you. I guess the problem with putting something into print is that other people don’t understand that it is a transitory rant, not something that consumes you 24/7. The permenance of print has often gotten me into trouble as well.

  2. And I too. Too many people forget that our weblogs represent a small portion of our lives and fail to see it in context of the many others things we all have going on. Or if you have archives – people take some comment you wrote 5 years ago and assume nothing has changed in your life. Or that somehow because you wrote it down – it’s going to be correct and true forever. Don’t give up quite yet – you have put a lot of effort in over here. Or if you’re determined to vacate it then at least email me your new weblog address. 🙂

  3. b:p

    Thank you both for that. I’m sure that most people that blog do so with a degree of self-censorship – I definitely do. I know some of my family read this site, as well as some of my non-cyber friends – so I tend to keep most of my bile to myself. I would be sad to give up miaow and go elsewhere – although I do have the name of a new domain in mind – but I’m thinking that those who really want to find me would just have to google a combination of a few choice words, and up I would pop. Sooooo….I might just get back to fixing up the ugly hyperlinking on the page title (thanks Kartar). Robert – what’s up with CatBoy? It’s been stuck on Homer’s Wishlist for a month!

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