Things I am going to do when I move back to Melbourne

  • Get out of the shower in the morning and not douse myself in insect repellant
  • Cease sweating off all sunblock by lunchtime
  • Stop wasting precious time counting all the bites I have
  • Enjoy walking everywhere; walking to the shops, walking to the station, walking to a tram
  • Look at the four day weather forecast and not see ’30°C & Fine’ stretching out into forever
  • Meet up with friends at the pub and see a non-covers band
  • Stop wearing singlet and shorts everyday
  • Hook up with friends for lunch in the city
  • Play and record some ROCK with the band
  • Plot my getaway to Martha’s Vineyard, and how I’m going to achieve it without losing my job…
  • Go to the GYM! …[pause for thought]…
  • See AT LEAST one movie a week in a cinema that doesn’t smell like dampy rotting mildewy crud
  • Drive to Get someone to drive me to the Grand Ridge Brewery so I can drink their beer on tap at their in-house bar
  • …and while we’re on the topic of beer, I will also revel in the fact that Hervey Bay will suddenly have a glut of Coopers Sparkling Ale, as I will no longer be around to drink it, because I will…
  • Go to pubs that have beer on tap that isn’t just Tooheys, XXXX or VB

To be continued…




Meeting with the Enemy


  1. I was feeling all homesick for Melbourne right up until the gym part. 😛 I don’t speak gym.

  2. I haven’t been speaking gym either…and it SHOWS

  3. When I came back to Melbourne I STOPPED walking everywhere. In fact, I stopped walking ANYWHERE.

  4. I have good days and bad days in Melbourne – some days happy to walk all over the place – usually if it’s good weather. As soon as the weather turns cold its taxi time. I have become weak and cowardly from prolonged exposure to Sydney weather. 🙂

  5. b:p

    Nooo. I walked everywhere when I lived in Melbourne. Actually, I walk everywhere when I visit Melbourne – last time I walked from the city to Collingwood at least three times (admittedly fuelled by the alcohol of many Christmas parties, but still…)
    Where I am now is 10km from the nearest shop and it drives me INSANE.

  6. Every street needs a milkbar. It should be a law.

  7. Ren

    Ugh, those picture word codey things are getting really hard to see. Anyway, as I was just about to say, you can hook up with all of the cool Melbourne bloggers (aka, ME!). Hehe.

  8. b:p

    I want to go to a Melbourne Blog Meet Up – when I lived in Melbourne I was always too scared to go, but…now you’ve done it Ren – I’ll come along and have a drink with you!
    (And I hate the picture word codey thing too…I need something simpler, but still effective….anyone?)

  9. you’ve made me really sick for melbourne…

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