M and I, after our weekend plans were blown to hell, decided to have a grand day out and explore Childers. We’d only ever driven through it, but after reading an article about the town in the Australian a few weeks ago, we were keen to check it out. Of course, valentiney things had to happen first. I picked up M’s present from the frame shop – on my great organisation of our stuff in storage, I had found a little painting that I’d bought M about three years ago of the Boathouse Cafe in Daylesford. It was just on a bit of matte board, and I couldn’t believe it had survived the move up north. I got it framed properly (amazing – as I am the person who just likes to shove things in any old frame) and M was genuinely delighted! Points for me! My excitement of the day was picking up my brand new, most special toy, that M had ordered last week. A little 3.5 Tohatsu outboard motor for Oomoo! Brand new and, most startling of all, with a two year warranty. It is so rare that M and I buy anything new ever, that having a BRAND NEW motor is just a bit bizarre.

We drove through to Childers, which is very picturesque. The town seems to be making a real effort to attract touristy people and backpackers. M and I raided about three op-shops; he scored a purple shirt, and I got a dress – huzzah! We sampled a few cafes and drove around the back streets, oohing and aahing at the houses. The houses themselves are mostly Queenslanders (my favourite) but for the most part, they haven’t been tarted up. They were all just very neat and looked like they were cared for. After a few hours, we drove to Woodgate – another gorgeous place, right on the water. It’s very odd though – it’s about a 20km drive to get to it, and there is just a shop, a pub, a restaurant and a bowls club (we did find a small supermarket too). Woodgate is long and narrow; and still has quite a lot of old fibro weekenders that I spent my time drooling over, when I wasn’t cooing at all the kangaroos that jump around the streets. There were, of course, the inevitable ‘new homes’ beginning to creep in between the old ones, but there weren’t too many complete monstrosities. It would be a great place to have a holiday house – the beach is beautiful.