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The day was grey and the humidity low, so I took that as my cue to finally go and sort out all our manky stuff in storage that we haven’t looked at for 18 months. Actually it’s not all mank – the majority of stuff is books and cds [sigh]. I needed room in the storage space to put all our more recently accumulated crap – all the stuff we hide in the van when someone comes to look at the house. So I left M sleeping, and set off stoutly to tackle it on my own.

The mank factor escalated when I discovered the decayed corpse of cane toad in amongst all the boxes. Ugh. I got it onto some cardboard and carried it precariously across the carpark to the bin. I went through every box that was open and did something that doesn’t come naturally to me; I culled. And then culled some more. And then took it all to the tip – a very cleansing process. Then I stuffed even more boxes etc. into the storage compartment – though it now looks much neater. This is possibly the most boring post I have ever written.


The soothing sound of rain…


Debacle No.1

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  1. Rae

    Any post including a dead cane toad can’t be all boring! πŸ™‚

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