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The soothing sound of rain…

We have a steady soaking rain…a day of cooler weather. Rain is pattering outside, and I sit here gleaming dully with a fine coverage of Dubbin. One jacket down, one jacket to go.

I won my battle against the post office. Australia Post is my latest nemesis. Express Post envelopes never get to me when they’re supposed to, and no one can ever tell me why. The fact that evil Australia Post has an all-encompassing phone number, where they head off your requests to speak to a specific post office or delivery centre is the stuff of nightmares. It took me five phone calls to get put through to the Hervey Bay mail centre, where I spoke to Graeme. He, like everyone else, couldn’t believe that I never get the Express Post envelopes on time, but there was one vital difference – he actually seemed to care. He gave me his direct number to call next time it happens. Oh ye Holiest of Grails. Earlier in the day I had been so infuriated, that I planned to change the course of my life and just spend my time filching the direct numbers of post offices and mail centres and publishing them at ihateaustraliapost.com.au – I’ll just put that on hold for the present.






  1. Rae

    I had the same problem when our Buffy DVDs went missing. I had to deal with “that” number. In the end, we never got our DVDs and we never got our money back. It’s not a very good systems at all.

  2. I will let you know when I have undermined the system and make it crumble to the ground ;o)

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