I Love My Leather Jacket(s)

(The title is a reference to The Chills track of the same name….)
My first leather jacket was one I bought from my friend Kirsty’s brother. It was a biking jacket, and way too big. Then, about five years later, I bought a leather jacket that was about $150 [gasp] at the urging of my friend Kathy. It was a thinner, more tailored design. Sometime during all of this I flogged my original leather jacket to some guy who wanted it, and stumbled on another ‘motorbike’ styled one that was quite small (i.e. it fitted) and laboriously made a lining for it out of an old flannel shirt. About three years ago, I was in Savers in Footscray and found another leather jacket. It was a little bit big, less snug, but more of a classic style, with a belt. It was cool. As there was a 50% sale the next day, I hid it, and hared back in the morning, getting it for a paltry $12.50 – could it get any better? Yes.

Today M and I truced long enough for a trip to the Tip Shop. I have never found any good clothes there before. But today I found two old leather jackets. Both proper leather. Stiff with age and lack of use. One is a very cool ‘girl style’ riding jacket – which is the one I like the most – so does M. The other is more of a short ‘trench coat’ style. I will post a picture of them once I’ve cleaned them up a bit. Dubbin? Or are there better things for restoring leather?




Happy ‘Straya Day


  1. Ren


  2. Ahhhh. You’re too nice! Thank you! It took me a bloody AGE!

  3. Rae

    I have been shopping for years at Savers and searching for that leather jacket I have pictured in my head. No luck yet, but seeing you did (albeit 3 years ago) I shall keep searching!!!
    BTW Your new one looks fantastic!!

  4. The remarkable thing about both jackets that I found is that they are specifically for someone like me, with non-existent shoulders!

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