Minimally Blue

So this is the new look. I have to say, WordPress is a pain in the arse at times, but I won’t go into that. Have spent all day tweaking with my headphones on listening to some great live stuff from Wilco and P.J Harvey. Good music helps me stay patient while uploading countless times and pressing F5 to refresh the page and see changes. Have already got some feedback about maybe having a stronger coloured border to this box that you’re reading within…

Anyway, enough of all that. It’s bedtime! Tonight I tried to make polenta, but nowhere on the packet did it say that it takes over an hour to cool and set. Bugger. So M and I ate salad and some dry biscuits – in separate rooms, as we can’t bear each other at present. Something to do with my brother taking our visitor’s book back to the UK and it being my fault. You know, the kind of thing on which the future of the planet depends….


And Another…


How much can a Panda bear?


  1. Tom

    Well at least you can say your visitors book has been from Hervey Bay to Melbourne, from Melbourne to Sydney, from Sydney to Tokyo, from Tokyo to London, from London to Linz (Austria), from Linz to London, and (it will get) from London back to Hervey Bay. So put that in your dribbly ole’ Polenta and eat it!!

  2. I am not even going to ask why the Visitors Book went to Austria, just address it to ‘M: Grumpy Bastard, Hervey Bay, Australia’ and PUT IT IN THE POST.

    [thanks Leah! it’s still under construction….]

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